Experience 3D CAD models now realistically on smartphones and tablets

Experience CADENAS augmented reality models now on mobile device via app

As of now CADENAS’ augmented reality technology for 3D models is also possible with smartphones and tablets. Due to a software update and an app, customers and prospectives can now also experience CADENAS 3D CAD models realistically on the go.

Augmented Reality Technology for Smartphones and tablet PCs Augmented Reality Technology for Smartphones and tablet PCs

Due to augmented reality technology for smartphones and tablet pc’s you only need one touch to get ...

...to the 3D CAD model on the download portal PARTcommunity

The augmented reality technology makes it possible to extend reality by virtual information with a computer and display an image of this on the screen for the viewer. This way, 3D images of parts can be projected on a paper, for instance. For this purpose, marker points are depicted on the paper which have to be held into a camera. On the computer screen not only this point is displayed, but a corresponding 3D image is placed over it. By moving the paper in front of the camera, different perspectives and views can be displayed.

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