New PARTcloud version online: Now you can share parts with friends and colleagues even easier

Easier and faster handling

The 3D Printing & 3D Model Sharing platform of the CADENAS’ PARTcommunity, which is very popular among engineers, is now available in a new version. It offers new features to the users and easier as well as faster handling:

  • The category under which the respective CAD model should be published can simply be selected during upload. When the next component is uploaded, this category is automatically selected.
  • Due to a new WebGL viewer, the previews of the components can be loaded much faster.
  • A leaner design simplifies the handling of the PARTcloud features.
  • A new colorpicker with several new colors is available and the models can be easily adjusted to the Corporate Design of your own website.
  • Due to the embedded service of 3DHub, the nearest 3D print service providers are displayed to the user and the uploaded CAD model can be printed in a simple and fast way.

Share your own designs with friends and colleagues and profit from the experience of other engineers

Since the middle of 2014 engineers can simply upload their self-designed components with the PARTcloud feature of the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity and share them with friends and colleagues or provide them for download. Moreover users of can convert self-designed 3D CAD models of a STEP or STL format into a WebGL 3D HTML graphic in just three easy steps and afterwards integrate it into their website.

Get inspired by our examples of how 3D HTML graphics can be successfully used in practice by means of the PARTcloud:

You can find the PARTcloud platform and the CAD models that have been uploaded so far, under:

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