New Realtime Feature Allows for Instant Interactive 3D Modelling

How CADENAS Enables Users to Manipulate 3D Holographic Models in Real Time

Brand Directors are always hunting for ways to provide a unique user experience that grabs attention and drives engagement with their products.

But the need for attention and selling your idea does not start or end where the product meets the end customer. Engineers, designers and product marketers also need to be able to communicate and demonstrate their ideas, concepts, prototypes and storyboards in ways that enable the viewer to visualise a user journey or use case.

CADENAS is a Realfiction Partner based in Germany that has been putting its technical and creative power towards an exciting and practical innovation, designed to escalate the Realfiction Dreamoc’s holographic display power as a product marketing and communications platform to a whole new level!

So What’s New?

The new integration enables you to:

  • Upload CAD content very easily
  • Remotely access and control functions such as zoom and rotate animations – from anywhere with a Smart Device
  • Manipulate the viewer’s experience based on feedback or requests made in real time

This means that creative product marketers, engineers and designers now have a simple and intuitive interface that makes it incredibly easy to present ideas or products and accelerate the progression from the drafting table into the customer’s hands.

Example: You need to prepare a product requiring an external spring that needs to perform in a certain way, fit into a specific form factor, yet be aesthetically pleasing.

Well, that is quite a lot of describing, drawing and prototyping. Even after all that, it is nearly impossible to create and present variants of this prototype, and see them performing in a variety of use cases.

Now you can rapidly upload stock 3D CAD models into a Dreamoc, and control the demonstration in any number of scenarios, zooming and rotating to allow you to demonstrate the power of your creation to your audience – anywhere!

Take a peek at the video below, and you are invited to give us your crucial feedback.

Partnership Realfiction / CADENAS

Delivering tailored Software Development and Electronic Product Catalogues, CADENAS has spent two decades building an international market from its base in Germany.

With an in-depth experience in software development and their creation of interactive electronic catalogues, the company acts as a link between component manufacturers, their products and their buyers.

Realfiction’s Clas Dyrholm says “developers, especially ones like CADENAS, take our products to new heights”. That’s a heartfelt acknowledgement of the role Realfiction’s partners and creatives around the world bring to the Dreamoc platform.

The Real World Application of Hologram Manipulation

Users typically tend to develop a positive bias to the brand involved when presented with interactive content, especially when it’s presented in a lifelike 3D holographic environment.

Firstly, with the interactive nature of these holograms, the audience quickly become deeply immersed in the story being told around the product, and quickly imagine using the product themselves. With the ability to manipulate that story in real time, you can deepen that experience and have some control over the outcome, whether that is an approval, a purchase or a relationship with the person experiencing your story.

This translates into a deeper sense of loyalty or a “consumer bias” towards your particular brand. In turn, closing an “engaged user” is much easier than a user who is not.

Secondly, with the ability to upload new content as and when you like, you can actually prepare a variety of presentations and adapt them depending on the user you are targeting.

Within the paradigm of Segment Marketing, the combination of reality and the virtual world allows you to prepare targeted content, and adapt what is displayed, maximising the utility of the hardware investment.

Within the engineering and product development use case, any project that has the highest chance of being adopted and brought to market in the shortest time, gives you the track record to ensure all your projects get the attention and approval they need.

The sky is literally the limit in terms of holographic content marketing, and with the integration of this new feature of the CADENAS PARTcloud and Realfiction’s Dreamoc, you truly hold all the power in the palm of your hand.

Experience the new Realtime feature with the Dreamoc series today, and head over to the PARTcloud store for yourself.

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