Downloads & Updates

For performing updates of the PARTsolutions software and the standards libraries, please note the following information.

Alternatively you can order a free DVD with the latest software version by email to, provided you have an active maintenance contract. Outside the normal maintenance cycle, a fee of 25 EUR is due.

Download PARTsolutions

You can download the latest software version via An account will be activated when software was purchased and you have an active maintenance contract. An account can be registered on, the activation will be processed within 24 hours on workdays by a CADENAS support person.

The software is available under "isos".

Screenshot Step 1 - select ISOS

In the following section, please select the latest software version.

Screenshot Step 2 - select newest version

Depending on your licence, please choose your installation package. The first package _Installationsoverview_en explains the differences between the individual packages.

Screenshot Step 3 - select installation package

Download Catalogs

PARTsolutions offers you the possibility to comfortably update CAD catalogs in the PARTadmin area.

PARTadmin -> Update Catalog -> Online

Here you can switch directly with the "START" button to the catalog update.


Afterwards you create an account under "Settings". With the button "call up catalog list" you have access to all available catalogs. You will get additional information highlighted in color:

Yellow Catalogs have not been installed yet
Red For this catalog an update is available
Blue This catalog has already been downloaded locally, but not installed yet.

Download PARTsolutions

For the following software products you will receive support for technical problems according to the time specification. Updates for interfaces are provided according to EULA definition and processed on request. PARTsolutions is supported for Windows 10 or newer.

V12 Full Support
V11 SP11/SP12 Support end at 2024-06-30
V11 SP10 Support end at 2023-06-30
V11 SP5-SP9 Support end at 2022-12-31
V11 SP0-SP4 Support end at 2022-03-31
V10 SP12 Support end at 2021-09-01
V10 SP0-SP11 Support end at 2020-12-31
V9 Support end at 2020-05-01
V8 Support end at 2014-12-31

Retired functions

V12 Classimporter, PARTimporter (Follow up is PLMsynchro)
V12 Classification Toolbar (Follow up is Classification Wizard/PARTdatacenter)
V11 SP8+ PARTconnection

Download of catalogs

PARTsolutions CAD catalog updates are available for the following versions:

V12 Full support
V11 Full support
V10 Support end at 2022-10-31
V9 Support end at 2020-05-01
V8 Support end at 2014-12-31